Mobile Food RODEO Sunday….Yeeehaaawwww!


Who loves food trucks?? They seem to be multiplying like Woodland Park rabbits these days, parking in every nook and cranny in the city at lunchtime, serving anything from Asian food, to gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, to crepes and desserts. My mouth is watering just thinking about it, actually.

Well, if I haven’t talked up Fremont enough already this week (have you read about the Fremont Art Walk?), then hold yer hats cuz it’s time for the MOBILE FOOD RODEO!!!

What’s that?? Let’s just say, it’s food truck heaven, with over 35 trucks gathered together for a mobile-style culinary showdown. If you can’t find something you like here, then there is something wrong with you. Really. The best of the best are gathering to fire up your taste buds, and with the sunny weather predicted, this should be an event to remember.

Here’s a list of who’s coming….it’s kind of amazing. I can’t wait.


1) Marination Station | Follow Twitter 

2) Ezell’s Express | Follow Twitter

3) Barking Frog | Follow Twitter

4) Roxy’s Waffle Wagon | Follow Twitter

5) Snout & Co. | Follow Twitter

6) Off the Rez* | Follow Twitter

7) Hallava Falafel | Follow Twitter

8) Box Nature Sushi | Follow Twitter

9) Skillet Street Food | Follow Twitter

10) Street Treats |  Follow Twitter

11) Street Donuts | Follow Twitter

12) Evolution Revolution | Follow Twitter

13) Jemil’s Big Easy  | Follow Twitter

14) Contigo |  Follow Twitter

15) Monte Cristo |  Follow Twitter

16) Ben & Jerry’s |  Follow Twitter

17) I Love My GFF  | Follow Twitter

18) Charlie’s Buns |  Follow Twitter

19 Falafel Salam |  Follow Twitter

20) Fish Basket | Follow Twitter

21) Big Food Mobile | Follow Twitter

22) BUNS | Follow Twitter

23) How Pickle Got Out 0f Jam | Follow Twitter

24) My Chef Lynn | Follow Twitter

25) Now Make Me  A Sandwich | Follow Twitter

26) Maximus Minimus | Follow Twitter

27) Tokyo Dog | Follow Twitter

28) Veraci Pizza | Follow Twitter

29) Xplosive | Follow Twitter

30) Snout & Co. | Follow Twitter

31) Nomad Curbside |  Follow Twitter

32) Lumpia World | Follow Twitter

33) Evolution Revolution | Follow Twitter

34) Grilled Cheese Experience | Follow Twitter

35) Caravan Crepes | Follow Twitter

36) Los Chilangos | Follow Twitter

* Indicates designated food trucks inside the beer garden and must be 21+ to order from with identification


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